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One Size Doesn't Fit All

And it shouldn’t. Maelstrom is different from other internships. Your growth outside of work is just as important as what you do from 9 to 5. The difference here is radical collaboration; we care more about the band and less about the lead singer.
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Not Your Average Internship

In Maelstrom, we don't run errands unless it's to grab frisbees and ping pong balls for the office. We don't use the copier unless we're printing embarrassing Facebook pics of our coworkers. We work on real projects that have the capacity to change the world and we're supported by those who have the power to push our outcomes into existence. Yeah, let that sink in.

Fun Fact: Everything on this site was built by Maelstromers!

Building Relationships

IBM values you as a person and invests in helping you develop into a total design badass. The Maelstrom curriculum is geared towards academic, emotional, and professional growth. It's not just about what you can contribute to IBM Design. It's about how you can come out of this experience not recognizing who you've become. But in a good way


We'll Take Care of You

It's hard to do great work when you're worried about transportation, lodging, and compensation. We pay for your crib at a swanky hotel, give you access to a fleet of rentals, and hit you up with paychecks on the reg. This must be what it’s like to hang with Queen Bey.

Live to Tell the Tale

Three times a year, teams made up of designers, researchers, and developers come together and bond over problem solving, playbacks, late nights, small wins, and endless shenanigans. These are our stories.

Can you guess how long our blooper reel is?

Program Overview

We run Maelstrom in Austin, Texas three times a year for 8–10 weeks. Bringing together roughly fifteen talented people from multidisciplinary backgrounds–we drive outcomes on a business level and grow immensley on an emotional level.







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Find out if the fit is right

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